AIM Rifle Club Events

Always Check the Calendar!

Currently we offer several events for high power rifle.
Match Programs
ATC 800 Agg 3x 600 3x1000 Long Range Regional April 10-12

Always check the calendar!

First Weekend of the Month:
Generally, on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month we shoot long range.
The tournament is usually back-to-back 3x1000's.

Fourth Saturday:
On the fourth Saturday of each month there will be an NRA registered match using the 800 agg. NRA Regional Match course of fire.
Registration is at 0800 Eastern time. First shot 0900 Eastern time.
We shoot a four relay match. This provides a chance to mentor new shooters on the line and in the pits, as well as eliminate squadding problems.
If there are heat or time constraints, at the match director's discretion, we may shoot the 500 agg. NRA National Match course of fire.
This will be a NRA league match with awards applied to the next months entry fee. Excess award monies will be paid in cash at that time.
The entry fee is $25 per shooter per day for league matches. P.R.I.M.E. will contribute $10 towards junior entry fees.

Sunday after 4th Saturday
The next day (Sunday after the 4th Saturday) we will shoot a 3 x 600 yard match.
Registration is at 0800 Eastern time. First shot 0900 Eastern time.
This is a NRA registered mid-range match open to service rifle, match rifle and F-Class.

Rifle Matches
Registration closes at 8:30 AM Eastern Time.
Unless otherwise specified, match fee is $25
ATC, Mid Range and Long Range are NRA League matches.